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PROkimono - Kyokushin online store

PROkimono: online store for Kyokushinkai karategi (dogi) and sparring gear in Moscow, Russia

Kyokushin dogi and fighting gear store PROkimono

Online store PROkimono for Kyokushin karate outfit is a team of like-minded people who are akin in their love of Kyokushinkai karate and willing to help fighters find the best gear for the martial art.


Former or active Kyokushin athletes of our team have both extensive experience in karate and broad hands-on knowledge of the PROkimono online store product features.

In addition to selling our products, we are engaged in our own karategi model line manufacturing. We are also using our products ourselves in the training process.

Everything we can advise to our customers is based on personal experience. In addition, the sales team and senior management of the company are fluent in English, so you don't need an interpreter.

What are we selling?

The product range of our store includes everything that is needed both for a beginner and an experienced Kyokushin fighter:

  • Sports uniform for karate (dogi or karategi) for all ages and all sizes,
  • chest gear,
  • gloves,
  • headgear,
  • shin and forearm guards.
  • Here also you can buy memorable Kyokushin merchandise.

We will provide you with maximum protection at affordable prices.

Order information

All products are located in our warehouse in Moscow, ready for immediate delivery throughout Russia after ordering.

Place an order right now regardless of where you are in Russia. Cash and bank cards are accepted.

Just text us or call toll-free (for Russia) ☎ 8-800-1000-296.

Звоните ☝ и заказывайте сейчас, экипировка для каратэ Киокушинкай в наличии в Москве, включая кимоно киокушинкай и защиту. Оптовый отдел Kyokushin wholesale dept. Получить подробную информацию по товару в наличии можно по телефону, электронной почте или с помощью сообщений через сообщество ВК (https://vk.com/prokimono).



PROkimono team